Sooner Nationals

Sooner Nationals

From 09 February 2018 16:05 until 11 February 2018 18:05

At Ford Truck Arena, Tulsa, OK, USA

Posted by Bart de Jong

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Just across the parking lot from the Grands-location (the River Spirit Expo) is a row of Ford-sponsored buildings. The nicest one of the bunch is the Ford Truck Arena- where USA BMX has held the Sooner Nationals for the past four or five years. The Sooner's track is always a fun one and the quality dirt available ensures a great course that'll be unique and challenging to riders of all ages.

Centrally located smack-dab in the middle of the United States, this one is easy for all to fly in and out of, and it's a proven fact that the City of Tulsa LOVES BMX. This will surely be one you won't want to miss.