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Every weekend you can choose between multiple jams, races and contests. It's insane the number of BMX events that are happening. Good to see people get off their ass to put on a good time for the fellow riders. Got something cooking? Send us your flyer and we'll post it up. Or better, submit your event to the FATBMX event calendar. That way it will show up on the only up to date BMX calendar on the web. Be quick, We'll throw your flyer in this flyer post. Keep an eye on the FATBMX event calendar for any updates and changes to events,
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Today we're having a different Pin Up update for you. It's one that will teach you something. It involves some lube and rags to clean up the mess. Focus isn't on the bike, but it goes for a BMX bike too. The more often you do it, the better she will ride. 18+

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If you race a whole season you see a lot of tracks. That number plate has seen it all. Mud, sunshine, crashes, your plate was right there. The number on it becomes special. You'll remember that number for the rest of your life. You'll see it back at the supercross, or the bingo, or at the next race when someone runs "your number". The HARO 1B was a very popular plate designed by Bob Haro some thirty years ago. If you ever had one, you probably still have it. If not, this is your chance to own a new one.

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Name: Paul Langlands
Age: 25
Hometown: Cambridge, New Zealand
Sponsors/support: Metal Mulisha, DVS, ONE Industries

Can you explain a little bit about the New Zealand BMX scene?
Paul Langlands: New Zealand has a good fun scene, because NZ is quite a small country, most riders across it know each other so it is always cool and easy to link up with others when travelling

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Are you losing track on who rides for who? Here's a long list with the most recent team changes and pick ups. The latest team changes get added to the top. The industry never chills, always adding and dropping. What's new for 2015? Let us know.
-Andrew Lazaruk on FreeAgent
-Barry Nobles
on Deft gloves
-Jason Phelan
off wethepeople
-Anthony Napolitan
off Red Bull
-Raul Ruiz
off wethepeople pro
-Chester Blacksmith
off wethepeople pro
-Andrew Jackson
off wethepeople pro
-Broc Olive
on Eclat
-Alex Kennedy
on Eclat

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