2016/12/9 10:40:00 (91 reads)

You don't win a Nora Cup because you suck at riding and you're a jerk. People need to like you and you need to be ripping harder than anyone else out there. It's no secret that Dennis Enarson is the man. He can make anything he does look good. But he needs a tool to do it with. And guess what, you can own the very same bike. Contact a HARO Bikes dealer to see if he has one of the signature Dennis Enarson Haro SD's in stock and then make that decision. The bike won't be the reason any longer that the trick doesn't work. It's all up to you.

2016/12/9 9:43:00 (84 reads)

2016/12/9 8:10:00 (92 reads)

BMX riding continues to grow in popularity as the riders push the sport to new levels. Since its initial fame in the 1980's, BMX riding has been a staple in the action sports community. Breaking the rules has always been the norm for BMX riders. To hit the rails and other street spots, riders have had to look the other way at no trespassing signs and other warnings. This is why it was no trouble for 5 friends to break into a

2016/12/9 7:20:00 (81 reads)

2016/12/9 6:40:00 (119 reads)

Sometimes you've got to look at the big picture. What isn't shown, is actually there with a bit of imagination. Today's 'Ride My Bike' pin up of the week photo invites all good bike riders to jump on board and show the tricks. Have a nice weekend everyone. 21+

2016/12/9 5:40:00 (88 reads)

2016/12/9 4:20:00 (103 reads)

Much respect goes out to the BMX Rider crew for bringing out quality BMX coverage on a regular basis. Not a lot of magazines drop through the trench in the door these days so let's enjoy the publications that do. Especially during the winter months the magazines are very welcome. Number 27 shoots us right into the new year with articles such as:

-Roadtrip: With the SIBMX Familie in Berlin
-Photostory: "Why Ride" Project
-Roadtrip: Autum Japan Tour to Flatark 2016
-Interview: With Stephan Goetz
-Photostory: Film is not Dead
-Gallery: Red Bull Illume 2016

BMX Rider magazine is based in Germany and you can get a

2016/12/9 3:10:00 (82 reads)

2016/12/9 2:10:00 (141 reads)

WALL TO WALL - THE BIRTH OF FREESTYLE MOVEMENT is in the making. Next to the book which shows the start of BMX freestyle, the Wall to Wall crew have got some seriously cool items available for the Old School BMX fans. The book won't be ready until summer next year (2017) but pre-orders can be made so you're sure you'll have a copy and exclusive shirts/shoes to wear as one of the first ones. Make your order today and make this Throwback Thursday the best one you've had so far.

The First Edition of the Birth Of The Freestyle Movement book is being written and produced as a print-to-demand item. If you order the First Edition, we will print and ship it to you in July of 2017. You can place a deposit and know that your faith and support is helping to make this project become a reality. As an

2016/12/9 1:40:00 (83 reads)

2016/12/8 23:50:00 (84 reads)

Results Etapa Brasileiro de BMX - Round 4 (BRA/C1)
Elite Men:
1     Ariel Joao DA SILVA     BRA     22     50     50
2     Guilherme BOURSCHEIDT     BRA     23     45     45
3     Felipe BRICK     BRA     30     40     40
4     Gabriel REIS SANTOS     BRA     19     35     35
5     Matheus LOTT     BRA     27     30     30
6     Elisson RODRIGUES     BRA     25     28     28

2016/12/8 23:50:00 (82 reads)

2016/12/8 23:00:00 (173 reads)

Name: Lauren Reynolds
Number in Rio: 21
Country: Australia
Result: Semi finalist

When was the point for you that you thought you had a good chance of going to the 2016 Olympics in Rio?
Lauren Reynolds: Rio 2016 had always been on my radar since the  Olympic Games introduced bmx racing. Once I made my first Olympic team in 2012, and falling short of my expectations and result, 2016 Games soon became a target.

Can you explain what kind of sacrifices you have to make as a professional BMX racer to be on top of your game all the time?
Lauren Reynolds: Being a professional athlete of any sport isn't easy, the road certainly isn't as smooth as it's shown to be. When you set yourself dreams and goals most athlete will do what ever it takes to achieve them, and this usually comes with a cost.

2016/12/8 22:50:00 (78 reads)

2016/12/8 21:00:00 (111 reads)

Vans celebrates the original characters from the animated film Toy Story in its new Disney•Pixar Toy Story collection. Vans showcases Andy’s favorite toys across an extensive assortment of adult and kids footwear as well as apparel and accessories this holiday season. Toy Story made its debut in 1995 mesmerizing generations of children and families everywhere with the tale of a group of toys who came to life when humans weren’t present. Vans revisits the nostalgic dynamic between the film’s leading characters, Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear, along with their group of friends for an exclusive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories. Woody is the source of inspiration for a trio of footwear options. The Sk8-Hi Reissue PT transforms elements of Woody’s iconic cowboy boots

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